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Where Joaquin Has Been

Joaquin has visited thousands of middle schools, high schools and colleges across the country.  He has  performed to hundreds of thousands of students, parents and professionals all around the world. He’s been contracted by various agencies and organizations, including but not limited to the following:

University of Iowa
Mutual of Omaha
PA Department of Education
California State University
Oregon State University

What Audiences Say About Joaquin

Joaquin’s performances and poetry have moved and inspired the audiences he has encountered as he has traveled across North America and Europe. He was received praise for the impact of his words in media and print, but nothing is more meaningful than the words he receives from students, teachers and peers. Here are few of things that his audiences say about him and his presentations.

Rudolfo Anaya
Author of Bless Me, Ultima
“Joaquín, your poems are like a satisfying summer rain replenishing a thirsty landscape. They are engrossing, thoughtful, deep with knowledge, and rich in poetic rhythms. You represent a new generation of multicultural poets.”
Jonathan “GNO” White
 University of Texas at Dallas
“As someone who has been on both sides of the curtain, a performer and a person who books talent for our university, in spoken word, performance poetry, and slam, there is Joaquin Zihuatanejo, and then there is everyone else.” 
Erik “Big Poppa E” Ott
 Three-time HBO Def Poet 
“One of the most dynamic and passionate performance poets in the country, melding equal parts comedy, poetry, and dramatic monologue into a crowd-pleasing display of verbal fireworks.  Joaquin’s performances are always thrilling.” 
Mark Williams
 The Bulletin 
“Joaquín, by day an award-winning schoolteacher, has lit the performance poetry scene on fire, winning awards and slam honors from coast to coast; opening a reading for Maya Angelou and sharing a stage with Alicia Keys.